Stashing, not stitching

I haven’t had much stitching mojo.  I’ve mentioned it before, but now something else is aggravating the blahs.  I got a new toy, and it’s sort of an obsession.  I have missed stitching despite not getting anything done. I recently went to my LNS to browse and get inspiration.  It worked a little bit.  I started stitching, but I keep going back to my  apps.  I have been stashing a lot more than I should lately.  Here’s a picture of a little bit of what I’ve accumulated.  I have embarrassed myself by the total of what I’ve acquired.  I shall remain on the Nile by refusing to show you everything.  Besides, I can’t show you everything, b/c it hasn’t all arrived yet.  Yeah, that’s it.

 stash 10 13 425

I’ll stitch all of these tomorrow, because I’m that amazing.  Um.  Yeah.

I have managed to make a bit of progress on Shores of Hawk Run Hollow:

shores wip 10 13 425

That pink lovely in the corner is my Dell Mini.  Pink, pink, pink, pink, pink! it makes me squeal (silently, fortunately for the masses).  This block is a design that seems intimidating and overwhelming, and is simultaneously fun to work on.  The intimidating part makes it easy to forgo for iPhone fun, alas.

I started a new project on Tuesday, because having too much to do never prevented any stitcher worth their salt from starting something new.  I was itching to stitch something autumnal.  This is what I chose from my existing stash, not my new stash:


Pumpkin Harvest kit, a store exclusive from my LNS, The Rocking Horse.  They have quite a few adorable designs.  Go check them out.  It’s OK.  I’m not going anywhere.  I’ll wait.

I don’t have a progress picture.  I haven’t made much progress as yet.

Before we went to San Diego for the summer, the boy made an Etsy purchase of an amigurumi werewolf doll from a seller in the Phillippines.  It never got forwarded to us, but returned to her instead.  She sent it back, and it arrived yesterday.  His name is Huey, the boy adores him, and already the wolfeh has stolen something from me! 

huey sits on chair

Huey is so cute!

When I told the boy that Huey may sit in my chair, but the wolfeh does not have license to move it, he reminded me that I “need” to make him a chair yet.  Nag, nag, nag.  Yeah, that’s going to happen next week. Not.

Time to get back to stitching.  Or bed, considering the time.  Maybe I’ll watch Project Runway again.


9 thoughts on “Stashing, not stitching

  1. nice stash and I love the autumn project.

    I don’t seem to be stitching much nowadays and what I am doing is for swaps.
    Huey is cute. Our sockbunny has found herself a chair (see blog) bt its not a patch on yours.

  2. Love the CHS piece and the harvest kit. Rocking Horse was one of the first online stores I ever ordered from, but I had forgotten all about them.

    Huey looks so sweet in the chair.

    The novelty of the i-Phone will probably wear off after a while and you’ll get into the stitching groove again.

  3. ROFL! Get away from that iPhone! LOVE all the stash you bought. If you’re not going to use it, you can forward it to me. You’ve got my address 😉

    Well, well, well, she does stitch! That’s good progress! Can’t wait to see the pumpkin. That is so cute!

    What a cute purchase! LOL! The chair fits him pretty well 😉

  4. Stashing is almost as good as stitching, in my opinion. Now, if you didn’t even feel like looking at stash, I’d be worried.

    Love the werewolf and his hip bluejeans!

    I think your new WIP is beautiful. That pumpkin is something else, lol at the spider!

  5. Wow, great stash haul so far! I love that pumpkin in the RH kit… and Huey is indeed adorable 🙂

    I don’t even want an iPhone… I have enough trouble getting things done as it is LOL

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