Weekends at the Shores, pt. 1

During the summer, I finally received the piece of Vintage Autumn Gold that is recommended for Shores of Hawk Run Hollow.  It was the third piece of fabric I bought for Shores.  I was trying to be cheap thrifty, but things didn’t go according to plan.  Now I’ve got a suitable color fabric.  It’s quite beautiful, actually.  Sometimes it’s cheaper to go the “expensive” route straight away, especially when you’re me, and you worry, fret and second-guess yourself to distraction.   The white contrasts beautifully with this piece of linen, unlike the last piece (Silkweaver Golden Promise), which was too light.  It’s perfect, I love it.

I’ve decided to focus on this piece on the weekends. . . and maybe the weekdays if I can’t resist–like this morning, when I began adding the first red stripe on the lighthouse.  I’d indulged my need for stitching “labor” this weekend and stitched the rest over the long, 4-day weekend.

shores wip 09 08

How much do I love that sun? The lighthouse? The rocks, even? How much do I love stitching with Needlepoint Silk?  How very much do I love stithching on 40-ct fabric? Wowzers.  So very much.

Until next time, dear ones.  Happy stitching!

5 thoughts on “Weekends at the Shores, pt. 1

  1. The perfect materials can really make a difference. I’m always trying to cut corners and use what I already have, but I’m not always so satisfied with the results. This is looking great already and I bet it is a lot of fun to stitch up.

  2. I recently gave up on the “cheap” fabric, and ordered the one I really wanted, which was from Silkweaver…but it STILL hasn’t arrived. Patience is a virtue, but I’m already too virtuous! lol!

    The white really DOES look stunning, as you say.

  3. I have started it, but have not worked on it since about April – I have been focusing on LHN Little House Neighborhood, and as I don’t always have the time to do stitching, this is taking a while. Plus I am a slow stitcher. LOL.

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