ZOMG, squirrels!!!!1!!1!1

squirrel_image fob

Or, I’m home from my summer vacation.


6 thoughts on “ZOMG, squirrels!!!!1!!1!1

  1. Hi Terri,

    Thanks so much for stopping by today! And thanks for letting me know about Michael Cox. That’s so sad! He was such a brilliant writer and I loved the 2 books. I had just ‘discovered’ his talents so I’m sorry he is gone, however I’m so happy he wrote these 2 books and I was lucky to have found them.

    Now, onto stitching! I’m new to your blog and love my visit so far! I saw that squirrel! Are you the American who visited and posted the photo with the cheeky squirrel? I saw the photo last week it was so funny.

    I love your Strawberry Garden, and now I’m really intrigued with Missing You. I had never seen this one before so I will go check it out. I will be back for more visits!

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