Strawberry Garden framed

We’ve been busy busy, busy doing nothing.   I haven’t gotten to do any stitching since we’ve gotten here.  I almost did last night.  Sad, ain’t it, when you get happy about almost getting to stitch?

I did get to pick up my framed Strawberry Garden before we left.  I love the top mat.  Accidental BONUS: it matches the entry rug in the hall where I’ve  hung it.

Strawberry Garden framed 06 09

Here’s hoping you (and I) get to really stitch.  🙂

ADDENDUM, 10/31/2009: I have sold this chart.  If you’re hoping to find it, I wish you good luck.


10 thoughts on “Strawberry Garden framed

  1. Very distinguished looking! Yesterday evening I got a surprise in the post!! It was a card–“Now, who would send me a card?” I thought to myself. I removed it from the envelope, and was so impressed with the image–“Oooh, Look! It is even a cross-stitch notecard!” Then I opened it, and out fell Watermelon Sampler! I couldn’t have been more surprised if REAL watermelons had come tumbling out!

    Of course, I went right out and got the required floss, and am now today deciding what size to cut my yellow linen!

    Though you did say you would send it, I was still so surprised, because it is so much trouble! And, after all, it belongs to you! Thank you so much; I can be a slow stitcher, and I have several WIPs, but I hope you’ll enjoy seeing my progress!! 😀 I am totally starting today–So excited to be stitching this summery pattern in the summer–now, if only the weather will cooperate!

  2. Lovely work! Congrats on your recent finish.

    Thanks so much for dropping by my blog, otherwise I won’t see your wonderful stitching. I can’t wait what you’ll gonna stitch next.:)

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