Visiting the LNS

For framing!

Strawberry Garden 06.09

She said it will be done within a week!  While I was stitching, my brain kept telling me a bee needed to be on the lower left flower, so I cooperated.  The bee didn’t want to be there.  I was surprised, since nectar is found in flowers, but who am I to argue with a bee?  Into the fluffy leaves she went.  I’m quite pleased to have her make her home in my Strawberry Garden.

strawberry garden bee charm close

Close-up of the bee.  The picture quality is poor; I snapped them at night.  It’s been cloudy here for many days.

Strawberry Garden by Blackbird Designs, Loose Feathers #18
Stitched on 32-ct. Magnolia linen by Lakeside Linens using recommended fibers, except for letters “T” and “M.”  I used GAST Grecian Gold instead of Crescent Colors Fool’s Gold.  The chart has two “I’s.”  I stitched the second as an “L” to make a complete alphabet.  I changed the bottom border to make it symmetrical.  I also added a bee charm.  Specialty stitches used: eyelet, smyrna cross, buttonhole, lazy daisy.


7 thoughts on “Visiting the LNS

  1. Beautiful!!!! I have that one in my to do pile!
    Love it!!!! And I do have to ask!!! The title of your blog?!?!?! Are you a poodle owner!?!?!! I AM!!!

  2. Your Strawberry Garden is just beautiful! By coincidence I have been looking *everywhere* for this chart during the past month but found that it is OOP. Would you by any chance consider selling your chart?? You can email me at Much thanks!

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