Meet-up at the border

I’ve closed the border on Strawberry Garden.  I didn’t like the way the border was charted, so I modified it to suit me.  The border gets wonky at the bottom right.  You know, right where there’s foliage in the model photo.  😛  I looked closely at the model photo, and it appears to be stitched as charted.  In the chart, the bottom right corner doesn’t meet up properly.  Part of it is due to a shortened motif (one stitch in the middle instead of two vertical stitches).  My sister once told me that quilt designers will sometimes incorporate an intentional “mistake” in their designs, and I wondered if the border wonkiness is in that vein.  After deciding that may well be the case, I also decided I couldn’t stand it.

There’s always a bit of anxiety when stitching a border, isn’t there?  Will it meet?  Have I counted accurately?  Please, oh, please, oh, please!  This was a successful closing. *phew*

wip 05 29 08 425

Only laizy daizies left!

wip 05 29 08 side view 425

Side view for fun.

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