Postage Stamp

The outside of Strawberry Garden’s border reminds me of postage stamp perforations.  Speaking of postage stamps, I love the Post Office’s new Love stamp:

love stampCute, yes?  I like the artwork, I like the theme, I like the flowers.  Delightful.

wip 05 26 09 425

Wouldn’t this make a great stamp?  It’s already sort of perforated…;)

buttonhole flowerCrazy, uneven buttonhole flower.  Normally the uneven oval would annoy me.  Not this time.  Breakthrough for me?  Doubtful, considering how much time I wasted unsuccessfully getting this post to look the way I wanted.

I don’t know about you, but when I stitch, I spend quite a bit of time staring at the piece.  When a project is on a scroll frame, I turn it from side to side, admiring the way the light plays with the colors.  It seems impossible to accurately capture in a photo.  I’m not sure if it’s the nature of photography or just my poor photography skills.  One fun thing about rotating a piece on the scroll frame is getting to see the dimensionality of the stitches.

cornerThe laizy daizy stitches in this design especially make my heart flutter.  I love this photo. See how the laizy daizies sit lightly on the fabric, happily floating?  That’s the sort of thing you can’t easily admire once it’s framed.

I can’t get this post to publish the way it looks on the screen.  I give up, and will rely upon your abilities to decipher my meaning.  (I’m also hoping that this disclaimer works in my favor.  I am not above a little voodoo now and then. ETA: OK, so that didn’t work. ETA 2: I forced it to approximate my intent.  Stoopid computers. 😀 )


4 thoughts on “Postage Stamp

  1. I hadn’t seen that stamp. It looks like it would be fun to stitch up too!

    Your piece looks beautiful, and I totally get what you mean by admiring it from different angles while you stitch and before it’s hanging on a wall.

  2. LOL! T, you are so funny 🙂

    I love how it looks and I can see what you see. I like rotating my pieces too. It seems they take on a different look with different lights and angles.

  3. This is really shaping up to be great! You’ve gotten so much done…And so fast! And yes, it is very stamp-like. I hadn’t seen those playing-card love stamps yet, myself! I know I’m in love!

    I do have another request, which may be taboo among stitchers…but could you possibly tell me what the recommended threads are for that OOP Watermelon Sampler from WindowGarden? I’ve looked everywhere I can think to look; internet, 2 LNS, and no one has it. I saw it months ago here on your blog, and it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!! But no one has it, or even knows WGD…So, my only hope is that you’d tell me the recommended fibers are (I’m guessing DMC?) so that I can try to emulate something similar!

    Oh, please put me out of my misery! Spring/Summer is here and I am simply expiring from my desire to stitch this chart! A sampler! IN the shape of Watermelon! What could be better?!

  4. I loved this post! The piece is wonderful and your writing about it so enjoyable! I love the lazy daisey stitches .. if you don’t frame it with glass, you could still enjoy the floating 🙂

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