facebook SAL

I belong to the facebook group Cross Stitch SAL.   I’m a newbie to the group, but I believe they have a weekend SAL once a month.  For my first SAL, I stitched on Strawberry Garden, naturally.   Friday evening, she looked like this:

wip 05 15 09 425

I love working on this project.  It’s so pretty.  I also love the different stitches incorporated in the design–Smyrna, eyelet, lazy daisy (which my fingers wanted to spell, “laizy daizy”).

strongberry specialty stitches 425

I made sure I found a lot of stitching time this weekend.  Now she looks like this:

wip 05 18 09 425

So pretty.  So much fun to stitch.  Lucky me. 🙂


4 thoughts on “facebook SAL

  1. That really is a beautiful piece! I love lazy daisy stitches too-very fun to work if you pay attention to your back, lol. Awesome job on this!

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