Pray for Peace

Or, Pray for Peaches, if my fingers have their way.   I decided to go with Vintage Autumn Gold for Shores of Hawk Run Hollow.   I’ll restart that when the fabric arrives.  I got Picture This Plus’ new Sprite fabric for Missing You.  It’s the slightest change, but I prefer it.   We’ll see when I get around to restarting that one.  I hope it works the way I envisioned it.  I am having a terrible time with fabric this year, it seems.  For Pray for Peace, I could only get a cream 36-ct.  Of course, I wasn’t satisfied.  Why would I be?  I have a piece of 32-ct Sandpiper, which is what was used on the model.  I ordered it in 36-ct.  Naturally, when it arrived it was darker than my 32-ct and the model photo.   After several floss-tosses, and asking my son’s opinion (Why?  We never agree.  Incredibly, this time we did.),  I settled on PTP’s Mercedes.  I love that color.

I miss the possibility of new Birds of a Feather designs.  I didn’t love all of them, but I really love the ones I did.  There’s a sophisticated understanding of color in many of their designs that I don’t possess.  Take Pray for Peace, for example.   The “white” on the flag and the dove are both stitched in Tin Roof.  It works.  I loved stitching with that color.  It appears to have a greenish cast, but it looks silver in the flag (close-up), and while I was stitching the dove, I kept thinking it looked like crocheted metal.

Pray for Peace 03.09

Pray for Peace by Birds of a Feather
Stitched on 36-ct. Mercedes linen by Picture This Plus using recommended WDW fibers.

9 thoughts on “Pray for Peace

  1. Great finish and lovely linen colour.

    If you aren’t happy with the fabric for Shores, you are probably best to switch it before you get too much done! I have the Vintage Autumn Gold for this one but I haven’t started yet.

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