Happy Holidays…

So, um, Merry Christmas!  Early…late…your choice. 🙂  I stitched this piece in 2006, assembled it last autumn, and finally, finally attached trim to it this week!  I used DMC specialty fibers for fun.  You know how they say they heart wants what it wants?  Well, so does the imagination.  My brain forced me to use boa yarn for the trim.  Bossy cow, that brain of mine.  I’m glad I listened.  The boy wanted me to use a traditional trim, but the brain said, “No.”  I think it’s more fun this way, and doesn’t highlight the lopsidedness of the ornament.  I thought for sure I measured and cut the board symmetrically–front and back, yes.  Each side, not so much.  Truth:  it bugs me that it’s not even.  Bigger truth: it doesn’t bug me so much that I started over again.  I think my camera’s beginning to fail.  I don’t seem to be able to get sharp pictures lately.

loopity tree ornament finished 02.09

Loopity Tree Ornament, designed by Twisted Oaks from the 2005 JCS Ornament issue.
Stitched on 28-ct white evenweave with DMC Color Variations, Fluorescent (bird) and Light Effects (tree).  I made a counting error and was able to fit my initials on the tree.  Happy accident.

Continuing in the holiday theme, today I received a new chart from Monique of My Mark Designs.  I ordered it from her Etsy shop, and she included a mystery skein of Vikki Clayton’s silk.  Thank you, Monique! 🙂


If I don’t get back here before Saturday, Happy Valentine’s Day!  ♥ ♥


6 thoughts on “Happy Holidays…

  1. The trim is perfect and so is your ornie! I certainly cannot tell any imperfections. But for my own work, I am the harshest critic–we all are I think!

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