All set for next Halloween

I finally finished Pumpkin House as a flat fold, and had a camera to take pictures. Yay!

pumpkin house flatfold 11.08

I didn’t like using some of these fibers.  It took me awhile to understand how they worked.  So, not my best stitching.  The instructions say to use Janice Love’s Hardanger books as a reference for the hardanger stitches, but used different names for the stitches.  Um.  Dumb.  Bad instructions, actually.  I’m bothered that the top left corner is a bit wonky, and I think I’m going to add more orange berries.   I fussed and bit my nails over the embellishments on this piece more than you would think.  I wanted *more,* but every time I added that “more,” I didn’t like it.  In the end, I was tired of it.  I still think it’s missing something, but I’m more glad to put this in the “done” column.

Pumpkin House
Designed by Patricia Andrle for Kreinik.  Stitched with fibers included in kit on 28-ct linen.  I think the color is bittersweet.
Changes: I used 2 Just Nan spider charms instead of stitching the spiders.


7 thoughts on “All set for next Halloween

  1. Terri, it is adorable. I love the embellishments you used. Your colors are exact! I can’t see the wonky-ness from the photo; are you sure it’s “that” bad?

    OMG those charms are perfect!

  2. It’s fabulous! Honestly, when your post appeared on the screen, I thought “what a great finish!” I love the design and the finishing is wonderful, especially the trim and embellishments at the top!

  3. Well, I think your hardanger piece turned out gorgeous. I can imagine the work and frustration that went into it. I would love it, but could never finish it I’m sure!

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