The husband and I are temporarily a long-distance couple.  The boy and I went to visit him last weekend, and I left something at his apartment.  It was my…my…my CAMERA!  *sob*  I’m not really a shutterbug, not a photographer by any stretch (perhaps you noticed?  how kind of you not to say anything).  That doesn’t mean I don’t miss the camera.  I have no stitching to share today, but…but…I WILL!  We won’t see the husband until Thanksgiving weekend.  *whine*

He said he’d mail it on Monday, but of course he didn’t.  I knew he wouldn’t, and yesterday I begged him to mail it today.  He just called to tell me he tried, but the private mail center he went to didn’t open until 9am, and he was there earlier than that.  Maybe tomorrow.  He’s a gem.  I mean, really.  He could tell me to wait three weeks, what’s the big deal, and all that, but he will go out of his way for me. 

And now, it’s picture time!  I’ll share a  picture of an old cross-stitch finish, a cherished picture of the boy as an infant, since we know I have nothing new.




3 thoughts on “Aack!

  1. At least you can visit your DH! 😦 I’m glad you can though.

    Ohhhh…I hate it when you leave something behind. I hope it arrives back in one piece 🙂

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