Spice Willow

Spice Willow complete 10.08

This was a gift for a dear friend of mine.  I had a heck of a time getting good pictures of this biscornu.  I took pictures inside and out, near and far, and was never satisfied.  Here’s the scan of the finished stitching, which shows an accurate depiction of the colors:

Spice Willow stitching 10.08

Deciding you want to stitch a gift for a friend is the easy part.  Then you have to decide on a design and make color choices.  It was sweet agony, but I love my final choice.  At first I was trying to decide on two color choices.  I think using the floss the way I did, letting the colors flow randomly in parts, and stitching very deliberately on the butterflies and a couple spots on the bottom worked out beautifully.

I named this “Spice Willow.”  While I was stitching, I was loving contrast between the icy blue linen and the spicy floss.  My mantra while stitching was “Ice/spice, ice/spice, icy/spicy…”  Then I remembered that the name of the top pattern was Japanese Willow.  A biscornu was dubbed.  So, I name my biscornus sometimes.  I love them, I can’t help them.

As it turns out, the pattern in question is *not* named Japanese Willow.  It merely reminded me of Japanese Willow patterns.  It’s actually a motif from The Gift of Stitching magazine’s Chinese Blue & White Embroidered Bag.  Not Japanese at all.  My friend’s nom de web is Tiger Willow, so perhaps that’s why I got confused.  My brain, she is smarter than me. 😉  At any rate, I named it, and I’m not changing it.

Spice Willow side view 10.08

I love this picture so much!

Stitched on 32-ct Little Boy Blue linen with Thread Gatherers Silk ‘N Colors Turkey Feathers floss, 2 over 2.
Top design taken from Chinese Blue & White Embroidered Bag by The Gift of Stitching, from issue 13 (Feb ’07). I flipped the butterflies upside down from the original design. The bottom design is from Alchemy Stitchcrafts’ Oriental Plum sampler. I switched out the corners from the original design for part of the motif from the top design. The butterflies, purple motifs on the bottom and initials/date were sequenced. Other motifs were stitched randomly. Embellished with 4mm River Silks ribbon.


13 thoughts on “Spice Willow

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  2. I can’t believe I never commented!

    But yes, it is a lovely lovely thing. I am always happy to hold it, to behold it, and to think about the hours of labor and love in it. I am proud to have such a delicious work of art in my possession.

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