Just as I imagined

I got around to framing my flying crane last night. It turned out just as I’d imagined. It was more difficult to frame this piece than I imagined, though.

flying crane coaster framed

I’ve had this frame for more than fifteen years.  Seriously.  It’s a Charles Rennie Mackintosh pewter frame I bought at a museum store because I thought it was beautiful and I deserved a treat.  I’ve never found a picture I thought “belonged” in  it.  I ultimately decided, you know, three or four years ago, that I’d stitch this crane for it, and got right down to business.  HAHAHAhahahahaha!!!

I first had to decide whether to use the glass–yes.  I made two “mats” out of posterboard to separate the stitching from the glass.  This was the very hard part.  The opening isn’t centered to the frame backing.  It took several attempts to get the opening cut just right.  Drove me bats.  I fear this framing job will not survive the ages, as the stitching is mounted with glue on three glued layers of poster board.  It was a tight fit into the frame.  Choices had to be made.  I used acid-free glue, at least.  <grin>

I can see it from my stitching chair, and it brings me cheer.   Now I’m hoping it will be the first of several finishing projects I need to complete.  Procrastinators unite!…tomorrow.


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