Every once in a while, you see something that completely grabs you.  These scissors qualify for me.  When I saw them, I was filled with wishing for them.  So much so, I actually contemplated making an unplanned visit to see my brother this weekend so I could visit the Silver Needle booth at Celebration of Needlework show in Louisville.  That’s just nutty, not to mention expensive.  I can daydream, though.   I’m not one for collecting scissors.  I have more than one pair, sure, but I don’t remember ever having been overwhelmed with scissor-love at first sight.  Until today. 

In other stitchy news, I picked up a couple of framed pieces today.  *clap, clap*

Dandelion Clock framed

Dandelion Clock by Margaret Sherry framed with our dwarf hamsters

Betsy framed 10.08

Betsy by Sheepish Designs.  I LOVE this frame.

I hope you have a good stitching day, too.

12 thoughts on “OMG, LOVE!

  1. Lovely scissors…The Silver Needle is my LNS!!! BTW, they ship ~ right to your door. lol Sorry, like you need enabling!

    Wow, those framed up SUPER awesome! The teeny hamsters are adorable. The frames you chose are perfect!

  2. Ante tdodo garcias pro tu comentario…. y ohhh un ms, yo amo los ms, claro gatos, pero ese raton esta bello… aunque yo los ratones nada… ese se parece al de mi sobrino, el dia que me lo presento sali corriendo… se lalama pequeño… saludos enla

  3. Everything looks great, but I’m in love with Betsy! Love the pattern and I’m with you–that frame is awesome. Really sets off the needlework and goes with it perfectly.

  4. Ohhhhhh, your Blog is FULL of eye candy today!!!!

    I agree, those scissors are a must 😉

    Your framed pictures are just lovely T. I love how you finished the hamster piece and I agree with you on the other frame. Just perfect 🙂

  5. ohhhh no not more scissors! they are lovely .. off to check them out! lol

    I adore Dandolion Clock! The pictures of the hamsters works perfect with it 🙂

    and Betsey! love the frame 🙂

  6. Hi Michele,

    Oh my gosh!!!!! I would love to stitch “Betsy”, do you still have this pattern and if so, would you be willing to sell, trade or borrow???? I would love to hear from you. Smiles….

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