The Mulberry Bush

Or, How My Head Exploded.

So, OK.  When I was kitting up Peace by BOAF, I was frustrated by the rusty tone of the GAST Mulberry floss I was finding.  The areas where the mulberry was charted for appeared redder than the dyelots of mulberry I was finding.  Alas, I can’t show you for comparison.  The chart is OOP, and I don’t have a scan of the model on my computer.  And I’m too lazy to see if I still have the chart to scan for you.  Take my word for it, OK?  Oh, wait, try this link.   It sorta makes it look like I’m colorblind or something, but the chart I have shows a “redder” capital “P.”  Anyway, like I was saying, rusty mulberry=frustrated stitcher.  I muddled through a solution, I’m happy.

Stay with me, here.

Now, this week, I’m kitting up Missing You by Prairie Moon.  The design is charted for NPI silks and DMC.  I want to use overdyed floss.  And I want to use a dark purple instead of black.  I was thinking, “eggplant.”  The WDW eggplant I had in my stash had really dark areas.  I thought I was OK with that, but I wanted to look at my LNS to be sure.  The color I decided I probably wanted turned out to be WDW Mulberry.  This was not a reddish color, it was not a rusty, brownish color.  It’s dark purple.  LOOK:

Technically speaking, they’re both “right.”  Mulberries can be dark red, they can be dark purple.  When I got the WDW Mulberry, I remembered the difficulties and trials I had with the Peace Mulberry.  What I didn’t remember was the brand.  I could not understand how you could have such a HUGE disparity in color with the same name.  “Don’t give me that dyelot crap,” I huffed to myself.  That’s pretty much when my head exploded. 🙂

Now that I’ve collected my head and put it back together, I’m sorta thinking maybe I’ll use both brands of mulberry, just to amuse myself.  Probably not.  It’s fun just thinking about it. 

Oh, and here’s a small thing I’ve recently finished (that I’ve been meaning to stitch for **mumble** years.  I’ve never gotten around to it before b/c it was small, I could finish it right quick any old time.  Heh.  I have to frame it, and I’ve been lazy about such things lately.  I’ll get around to it.  The colors make me happy.  I enjoyed stitching this, as my niece used to say when she was small, “A big whole bunch a lot.”

Flying Crane Coaster by Barbara Hammett
Design appears in Art Nouveau Cross Stitch
Stitched on 36-ct white linen
Crane stitched with WDW Blue Bonnet, 2 over 2
Swirls and spots stitched with Needle Necessities 190, 1 over 2


5 thoughts on “The Mulberry Bush

  1. Damg I hate it when pattens, threads, designers conspire against you. 🙂 But I do LOVE that crane! May next week’s stitching be easy as pie. 🙂

  2. oh I think you should use both mulberries! what a great story you would have! lol .. and yes, I think we all have had those issues before .. I do hate dye lot issues too!

    wow, that crane is lovely!! congrats on the finish 🙂

  3. Your crane is lovely!! I have the Peace pattern in my closet, too — i don’t remember if I already purchased the over dye fibers : ) Mulberry is really rusty — and the photo does look red-not rust.

    I have bitter flower, too – and for that I think I changed the linen & some of the over dye fibers … that is my ‘to do’ list one of these years.

    I bought bitter flower for my crabby sister in law, and changed my mind!! I think I’ll keep it instead : )

    Enjoy the day

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