Always date your work

One day while visiting Washington, DC, the boys went to the Air and Space Museum.  I love the sculpture in front of the Air and Space Museum, but I didn’t want to look at boy’s toys. 😉


I went to the National Gallery of Art instead.  It was a wonderful afternoon.  One exhibit was chock-full of period furniture and beautiful tapestries, including these pillows.  You can see by the sign when they were crafted.  I’m not sure when the right one was made, but I know where and when the left one was made!  Gouda, The Netherlands, three hundred fifty years ago!  Amazing.  I don’t expect my works to last that long, but I tend to be surprised when I look at my works’ dates.  They have a way of being older than I expect. 


What else did I see on my vacation?  So many wonderful things!  I’m still remembering it all fondly.  I’m trying to make a slide show for a friend (she asked!), but it’s slow-going.  I have more images I want to share here, though.  After DC we went to Gettysburg, PA.  We saw the monument memorializing my great-great uncle’s regiment.  That was very moving.  Perhaps I’ll post the photos another time, but today I want to share items from the museum.

What the sign says: Women on the homefront scraped lint from linen cloth, twisted it into bundles like this, and sent it to army hospitals.  Surgeons used damp lint to cover wounds.


What its accompanying sign says: Back to Normal  After the battle, the people of Gettysburg tried to reclaim a normal life in different ways.  This piece of canvas from a hospital tent was embroidered, edged in lace, and transformed into a table runner.

And now my personal favorite from the museum:

What its sign says: Patriotic Apron, about 1861  Mary Himes Fox of New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania wore this apron during the war.  The bib contains one white star for each of the 34 United States.

 I’m sure what you’re really curious to see is what I’ve been up to.  I know I would be. 🙂

Betsy by Sheepish Designs

I’m itching to start something new; something not on my goals list, or from my newly acquired stash.  I don’t know why such urges overcome me, but there it is.  Today the boy and I are scheduled to do Zelda papercrafts. 

2 thoughts on “Always date your work

  1. That would have been a wonderful museum to visit. A lot of interesting things. It’s hard to believe that our needlework will last for years to come. I always wonder where mine will end up 😉

    Your WIP is just beautiful.

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