An improvement

Last weekend, we braved the rain to drive to Midland, MI, where we purchased a trikke for our son.   The dealer assembled it for us, and since it was going to take awhile, he suggested we go to the mall for an hour or so.  We left the boy there to practice and took off.  We’re not mall wanderers, so I suggested an adventure.  There is a cross-stitch store listed on the Hoffman site not too far from here!  Let’s go see if it’s still there.  The husband didn’t mind, and off we went.  It was there. 🙂

The Stitching Well in Bay City, MI (No website).

It was a very big store–a converted house, I believe.  It had some yarn, some needlepoint, a framing section, a room for Christmas, a room for samplers, a room for animals, Mirabilia in a hallway (which led to a necessary bathroom), and fiber, fiber, fiber!!  When the husband asked if I’d be OK if he left me there, I told him I’d manage.  Truth is, I had to cut short my leisurely investigation.  I enjoyed myself tremendously. 

Remember my picture of the completed Dandelion Clock?  And how I used dark gray Wisper thread b/c I didn’t want to go to my LNS to acquire a new color of Wisper b/c I’d spend too much money?  Well, lucky me, I got to spend too much money at a brand-new LNS and get a new color of Wisper!!  Here’s a shot of the stash I got, including a new skein of Wisper.

This week I frogged the gray Wisper and replaced it with the yummy, new stuff.  I do believe it was worth the too much spending. 😉

An improvement, yes?  Now I need to decide if I’m going to get it framed, or if I’ll incorporate some of our pet hamsters into the finished product.  I finished this just days before our beloved Ridley, father to our babies, died (9-13-08).  He was also the inspiration for the tail-stubbing of this design.

7 thoughts on “An improvement

  1. what fun! a LNS adventure 🙂 sounds like the store was wonderful! and I love your new stash and fibers. You are right, the change with the wisper looks great!

    sorry about Ridley 😦

  2. Oh how I love to discover new needlework stores! I think the first thing I do when we get checked into a hotel is search through the phone book to see what they have.

    I think the new whisper looks stunning! It is a great improvement. Wow, what great stash you found!

  3. Sorry to hear about Ridley…he was a cutie. The new whisper gave your dandelion clock piece a great lift. Your stashquistion looks great also…look forward to seeing what you stitch with the floss. Happy Stitching, Toni

  4. Oh, no… My first visit, and I find such bad news about little Ridley… I’m so sorry…
    What you do is gorgeous, though, and I love the changes you made to the mouse/hamster on your dandelion piece. It’s very pretty indeed!

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