Road Trip

So, if you’re hankering to take a long bike ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and you’ve been thwarted two summers in a row, what do you do?  If you’re my husband, you quit your job. 😉

Like all good lies, there’s a kernel of truth to that statement.  Let me ‘splain.  No, there is no time.  Let me sum up: The husband quit his job July 24.  He doesn’t start his new job until mid-September. We leave Thursday for Cherokee, NC.  We’ll be gone three weeks. We plan to spend 3 days in Washington, DC and hope to make it to Boston, and possibly Bar Harbor ME, with the husband riding Adventure Cycling’s Atlantic Coast bicycle route. 

These are the projects I’m planning on working on, if there’s time.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and happy stitching!

10 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Have a great time bicycling you can pretend you are on Le Tour LOL. John and I fancy a bit of cycling but as we haven’t been on one since we were kids are trying to luck up the courage.

  2. So the husband will be riding the bike, and will you be driving? Friends of mine are recumbent cyclists and while I don’t think they have done any super long trips like the one you’re describing, I know cycling friends of theirs have, and LOVED it.

    I love the New England coast, and Maine is one of my favorite places, so I am hoping to see pictures from your journey!

  3. WHAT! :oO That would be a dream to do although not starting another job when you got back 😉 LOL! I hope you have a GREAT time and it’s going to be so beautiful. Whatever project you take, I doubt you’ll spend much time on it.

  4. Fantastic! I wish your husband the best cycle trip everrrrrrr and I hope he has lots of fun. As for you…may your stitches be frog-free, fun, and finishedddd soon! LOL =) I’m hoping you *do* end up finding some stitchy-time somewhere in your trip. Have a great time!


  5. I thought I left a comment, but maybe I didn’t; oops! Anyway..the projects you’ve chosen are wonderful!! I like how you formed them all into a collage picture for the blog page, it looks neato!

    I hope your husband has a safe biking event!


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