Lickety-Split Framing

We picked up Magnificent Wizard yesterday.  I think the boy did a good job picking out the frame.  I pushed for something more ornate, but it’s his, and simpler was more for him.  I’m including two shots, because the best shot had the top of the frame cut off.

Magnificent Wizard Framed 05-08 porch

Full Frame, not as clear

Magnificent Wizard, framed 05.08

Better picture, a little glare

Magnificent Wizard
designed by Don Maitz
published by Dimensions, Gold Collection
stitched on 18-ct. aida using supplied threads

10 thoughts on “Lickety-Split Framing

  1. Wow. I was thinking of picking up this project, but wasn’t sure, due to my last experience with Dimension (all the back-stitching was horrid – even the package photo looked messy, ugh. Alas, not my choice…) Anyway, found this thorough Google. Your work is absolutely lovely, and I thank you so much for your progress photos. I do believe I’ll try it out. 🙂

  2. I goggled this pattern names and was amazed to find this page!!! Thank yo so much for sharing! I had been looking at this pattern in the store for six months before I finally bought it. There was only one and it seemed to be calling out to me every time I passed it. Well I guess I used to go visit it really. lol. this will be the largest pattern I have ever done! I have only ever completing a few 14×7 and a bunch of smalls.
    I have set the goal of two years to complete this beast (pun intended). Presently it has been 2 months and I probably have about 15-20% complete.
    I hope I dont run out of floss too!!
    I find certain colors of the floss to fray and rip easily, specifically the greys and purple blues. Did you find the same thing? Thought it was my needle but its definitely the floss.
    I too am not looking forward to the gold metallic, i new it would be horrible as soon as I took it out of the package. Thank you for confirming this, I no longer feel alone 🙂
    You have inspired me even more to complete this and to also take progressive photos of mine as well.
    Good luck with your future projects.
    Thanks agian!

  3. This just looks so amazing!! I would end up keeping it even if it was for someone else 😛

    I finally decided to pick up the same pattern (due to the extremely discounted price), opened it as soon as I got in the car, there were no instructions!

    I’ve looked all over the internet for a torrent of the pattern with instructions but I fear my probability of messing up is just too ridiculously high to even fathom trying it without them.

    Is there anyway you would be able to upload yours and send your old pattern to me? or even if you might have an idea for what I should do.

    It was the last one in the store too so I couldn’t switch the product out either.

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