Watermelon on the brain


So I’m stitching this nearly-finished Karate Project, and I’m struck by how much this color combination looks like a watermelon.  Watermelon on the brain, that’s what it is.   I’ve also learned the danger of taking macro photos: I have spotted an area where I didn’t meet the previous row’s holes, leaving more linen “seeds” than there should be.  I *hate* knowing that.  I’m not going to re-stitch it, but I *hate* knowing.  ETA: Hmmm…maybe not.  Maybe the tension is too a bit tight there. 

 In the car today, the boy and I were talking about Fairly Odd Parents, and some YouTube silliness, and he asked me if I’m secretly a 4-year-old.  I told him, no, I’m secretly nine. 😀 

I got stash in the mail today.  When I opened it, the boy asked me why I got a pattern of Princess Peach.  Um…she’s pretty?  And I’m secretly nine.

{Queen of Hearts by Ewe & Eye & Friends}

4 thoughts on “Watermelon on the brain

  1. Hi there! Thank you so much for visting my blog and the sweet words you said about the pinkeep I made ºÜº
    I’ve added you blog to my feeder, your stitching is beautiful! The watermelon piece you just framed is GORGEOUS!!

  2. Oh that is just so pretty! Your stitching is just so perfect on this and I love the colors!! Thank you for coming into my blog and for your kind words!! Your blog is so pretty too!! Debby

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