Gilding the Watermelon

Two posts in one day?  Well, I’m feeling impatient, you see.  Plus I want to demonstrate the incredible quickness of my LNS.  They are having a framing sale this month.  I took my watermelon sampler in for framing on Monday morning.  I had to wait in line behind three women getting projects framed.  One of them was very indecisive about her matting choices, and took quite awhile.  It’s a popular sale, is my point.  They called me this afternoon to let me know my project is complete.  Today!  Less than 48 hrs.  There are so many bagged orders behind the counter, I can’t tell you.  Yes, I love them.  Service is their specialty. 

Still, I wasn’t happy with my frame choice.  I chose a plain, white frame, and I was having second thoughts.  Maybe I should have gotten something more frilly?  Something yellow?  Maybe I should call them?  They beat me to it.  So much for that plan.  I wish I’d taken a before picture, but as I mentioned, I’m feeling impatient.  Trust me, white, even shabby off-white was wrong.  I wasn’t happy with my frame, and I had to decide what to do.  I was leaning toward taking it back and changing out the frame when I remembered I had some gold cream paint.  I decided it wouldn’t hurt anything to smear it on the frame, since I wasn’t keeping it framed the way it was, anyway.  And, yay, the cheap, impatient solution is a workable solution!  Lookee–

watermelon sampler framed 02.08

The picture’s a little washed out.  The dark green in the watermelon and the top mat are more dark green, emeraldy, than foresty.  But you get the idea.  I’m so glad it works. *clap, clap*  🙂

The boy, bless his heart, says he thinks it looks like the frame came that way.  He’s a dear.  One more reason to celebrate. 🙂  Now to gaze upon my watermelon and chant, “Summer will be here soon, summer will be here soon.”


7 thoughts on “Gilding the Watermelon

  1. I think it looks awesome! The green mats really set it off and I think the rustic-looking frame is definitely the way to go.

    And it’s amazing that your shop had such a quick turn around time during a sale! You’d think it would take even longer, but it looks like they did a great job!

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