Stitching the Line,

the lines, you know, whatever works for you. 

“The Line” refers to the 60% line that I’ve stitched: Sixty percent of the rows of this magnificent beast have been 100% stitched.  Sure, I’m way more than 60% finished with this project–I’m guessing it’s 70-73% done.  I only count the completed rows in my calculations.  I have to get all of the stitching done to be done, but suddenly, I’ll go from  struggling to finish 10% to having quickly finished 20%.  It’s a quirky mindgame I play.

 Or, if you prefer, “the lines” are all the backstitching and couching that I’ve done since my last update.


I ran out of two more colors of floss (thank you, Dimensions, you cheap b*stards).  If you look, you can tell where I did my best with substitutions (tiny part on left sky, tinier part on right castle/sky, but it’s not obvious enough to freak out and contact Dimensions and WAIT.  There’s no excuse for the running out.  Honestly, I expected to run out of the blues and grays I used up the first time I started this guy on the wrong-count fabric.  I didn’t.  Still have plenty.  I did not expect to run out of gold for the wizard’s robes, or blue or teal for the skies.  It’s most annoying.  Huge disappointment.  I do not love Dimensions.  I do have one more kit from them that I might actually get around to stitching some day, but I’m pessimistic about having enough supplies.

Most of the time I have trouble thinking up titles for posts.  Hence, the incredibly catchy “Desiderata Monday, pt. 2 million” titles that abound.  This post?  Not so much.  I had settled on Stitching the Line early on, only b/c it gave me something to work toward.  Yesterday I started humming to myself, “Off to see the Wicked” (rather than wizard) b/c I’m cashing in on my Christmas present this weekend, and we’re going to Chicago to see Wicked.  I thought it somewhat appropriate for this post, since my finishing stitching the ‘lines’ on the Wizard coincides nicely with our trip to see Wicked.   Yeah, it’s a stretch. 

Then, while I was stitching, I thought, “Hey, look at me, I’m couching on the couch!  Isn’t that incredibly clever and amusing?” OK, not incredibly clever and amusing, but mildly so, at least.  I like couching, generally speaking, but I really enjoyed couching the wizard’s robe.  Except for the part where I had to use the metallic floss.  That was a nightmare, as usual.  The floss is fragile, and kinky, and I hated it.

Sharing the wonder that is me: before I couched the aqua part of the wizard’s robe, I had to take a picture of the uncouched golden part.  It’s like, my favorite part of the whole project, and while I stitched on other parts, my eye would wander to that part and I’d get all happy.  I have no idea why.  It works for me.  I wanted to have a picture of it before it was covered up with couching.  So, as a treat for you, and a reward for all the chatting, I will share my before and after couching pics with you.





And because while I stitch this project, my mind wanders quite a bit, I will share with you one of  the deluded places it goes.  I start to despair ever finishing this project, and I start to believe–truly and unreservedly–that if only this project were finished, I could begin and complete other projects I’m wanting to stitch with superhero stitching abilities.  I blame this project for all the stitching I’m not doing.  Because, well, if I weren’t stitching this project,  I could finish a project like Village of Hawk Run Hollow in a month.  Or something equally audacious and unattainable.  And I believe it.  The Land of If Only is filled beyond capacity with my delusions alone.  It’s like I believe looking at a chart equates stitching it to completion, and I would be able to do it If Only I were finished with this Magnificent Wizard. 

So there you have it.  You’ve suspected, now you know: I’m weird, deluded and insane.  In a good way, I hope. 😉

Happy backstitching!  I’m off to see the Wicked. 😀

3 thoughts on “Stitching the Line,

  1. Surprisngly, I have the same super hero stitching abilities to think I can start and complete something if only I wasn’t working on what I am working on right now. Which is probably why I have at least a dozen ornaments and nothing finished, and about 3 more larger projects kitted up and ready to go. Oddly enough, my super hero stitching abilities disappate the second the needle enters the fabric…. bummer.

  2. Ahh, I’m so glad someone else’s mind goes haywire while stitching. I like the super hero concept! leap tall projects in a single bound!!

    Love the wizard!!!! He;s worth all the Dimensions agony because he’s so amazing. They, however, ar of course cheap and annoying! Still, you’re doing a great job!!!!

  3. I’m sorry to bother you, but I have a question. I am a relatively new cross stitcher and I am working on this same project. I’m enjoying it, but didn’t get much done before I ran out of the light yellow. 😦 So, I was curious if you might remember what colors you did run out of? I think I might be pro-active and try to order them from dimension before I actually need them.

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