First finish of 2008

Wheee!  I finished this on Wednesday. :o)

I like to have small projects to take with me while I wait for the boy during his extra-curricular events.  They’re generally small projects that occupy me for many months.  This one was a kit I got on clearance.  The kit was sort of lacking, sending me too much of once violet and not enough of another.  Thanks to Thread Express, I got more floss without any trouble at all!  I love bargello, and really enjoyed stitching it.  The kit came with Madeira silks, which are lovely.  It’s a 4-ply silk.  I probably wasn’t supposed to separate the floss like you do in cross-stitch, but I didn’t know that.  <shrug>  I learned my lesson when I tried separating the floss in the Kreinik Halloween kit I was stitching on last year.  By then I was over half done with this piece.  Next time will be much simpler. 😀

lavender pincushion 01.08

I hope to have time to finish it soon.

 ETA vitals:
Lavender Pincushion designed by Joyce Petschek of Beautiful Bargello.
Kit included 18 hole canvas, Madeira silks and dried lavender.  MMMmmmmmm.  And you thought it was called Lavender Pincushion because of the colors!


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