Holy Cow!

Did you see this??

I totally snagged this photo from ABC Stitch Therapy.  Here’s the gory details: http://www.abcstitch.com/designers_php/feature.php?id=685203

After I’d basted the fabric for The Cat’s Whisker’s first chair, I was thinking I wish I’d chosen a different color than the original design.  It’s not because I don’t like the original’s colors; I do.  It’s that once I started stitching, I started thinking maybe I might want something reddish or pinkish.  I love Dinky Dyes’ Raspberry Ripple.  I was guessing, heck, I was SURE, there was going to be a new chair, and LOOK!  I love these colors.  They’re similar to the colors I was wishing I’d chosen for the chair I’m stitching now.  What’s a stitcher to do?  Be glad I’ve only basted and stitched a tiny bit, and start over?  Yeah, maybe I should.  You might be right.  I’ll have to think about this a little bit.  Green fabric?  Ivory?  Blue? Something else?  Hm…

Oh, I’m a sucker for this.  LOOK at that parasol, will you?  *swoon*


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