Smile, darn ya, Smile




Toni gave me the You Make Me Smile Award! Thanks, Toni.  You make me smile, too. :o)  And now I’m supposed to award ten more people.  I’d like to award 10 people that I haven’t seen receive the award yet, but that’s hard, hard, hard.  Mostly b/c I don’t think many bloggers who make me smile read my blog, so they wouldn’t even know they make me smile.  I lurk on many, many blogs.  Do I award the French or Japanese bloggers I stalk, er, read?  I could always double up recipients.  Nothing wrong with receiving an award more than once.  Except it feels like cheating.  Enough hand-wringing. Let’s get started, shall we?

Linda–I love reading about her love of stitching and the stitching community.  She’s creative and passionate.  Her Icelandic stitching always makes me smile.

Cyndi–She Blogs without Obligation.  I LOVE that.

Milly–Every day with a funny, every day with a positive thought.  She’s kind, and funny, and a wonderful, fast, prolific stitcher.

Rissa–So many needlework talents. 

Monique–I liked the style of her designs before I discovered her blog.  Her spirit makes me smile.

Danielle–I lurked on her blog for a long time before I started my blog.  She introduced me to many wonderful stitchers.

Diane–Diane doesn’t maintain a blog that I know of.  She’s darling. 

Cathey–She says she’s a slow stitcher, but she’s going to reach 50 finishes this year.  She’s funny.  Uh, as in, also.  Not because she says she’s slow and is going to have 50 finishes.  Which is cute funny, but not what I meant.  Um.  Yeah.  I’ll stop now.

Jennifer–She finds out stuff I didn’t know, and shares.  I know stuff I didn’t because of her!

Oops.  Almost forgot.  OK, I did forget and had to come back to edit.  Now I’m supposed to tell y’all to tag ten people who make you smile.  You take the Smile Award picture from me, and post it in your blog with your 10 recipients.  Thanks for the smiles, ladies! 😀


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