a little Twilight Zone action…

So, I’m wasting time, trying to find things I “want” for my b’day and Christmas.  It’s HARD to make up stuff that you want, when really, the only things you want are stuff you don’t want to get for Christmas (like, socks.  Except maybe stripey socks, b/c it’s so Christmas, but the husband for sure wouldn’t know about that).  But if I don’t come up with stuff fast, we’ll have a scary repeat of last year (“So, I went to the jewelry store, and the boy said you don’t want jewelry.” “The boy is right, you should listen to him.  You know what?  Get me some stuff  I told you I want.” “I don’t like shopping on the internets.  ‘Sides, that stuff’s ugly.”  HMPH!  What do YOU know from UGLIES?  What’d I get?  JEWELRY.  You saw that coming, yes?).  The husband swears he’ll get me what I ask for this time.  Then he asks me if I want this huge, ugly personal indulgence item–it’s a big ugly foot massaging thing.  Something I would never use even if I wanted.  Or do I want a pair of video viewing glasses for my iPod, since I have an entire ONE music video and no movies?  See what I mean?  I’ve got to come up with something, and fast, or I’ll be in Sharper Image Christmas hell.  Cuz even tho there’s plenty of good stuff there, he’s not going to pick for me what I would pick for me.  Seriously.  I’ve got to come up with something.

I’ve been to loads of websites full of loads of stuff that’s interesting to look at, but I don’t want.  Eventually, I ended up at the Mango-Pratique page.  In English, even!  I’m thinking I loved the Motif book, maybe I want another?  When you click the link for the books on this site, you get a pop-up that has a blurb about the book and a picture from the book.  I clicked on the Miniscules and Majiscules (capitals and lower-cases) book, this is the page they show:


Yesterday would have been my mother’s 69th birthday.  Her name was Louise.  Zee ghosts, zey visit from ze Great Beyond, oui?  I took a Sentimental Journey, whilst thinking, “Doo, doo, doo, doo…”


2 thoughts on “a little Twilight Zone action…

  1. So much pressure to come up with good ideas! Do what I do – sign up for an account on http://www.thethingsIwant.com and put a little button on your toolbar. Whenever you see something you like, click your button and it adds it to your wish list. (I keep separate ones for my stitching wish lists and my personal wish lists)

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