Desiderata Monday, pt. 23

I didn’t get much done this week.  Ironically, I was struck with the dark imaginings.  Eh.  *shrug*  Some work is better than none.  I seem to have moved past it.  I shall plod forth.  I was looking back at how far I’ve come, and I became distressed at some of the wordy stitching.  I was heartbroken at my imperfection.   I never learn.  Anyhoo, I’ve decided I’ll review when I’ve completed stitching, and ‘edit’ and restitch those words that really bug me.  Hopefully, I won’t be in the ‘dark imaginings’ dumps and it won’t be too much. 

 I can’t get over how long this is already!  It’s a wowser: I did all that?  Really?  Can’t tell in the smaller bunches.


Here is this week’s small bit of stitching.  Better luck next week.  Happy stitching, friends. 🙂


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