Happy Halloween

I pulled this old, old Kreinik kit out of my stash on an impulse.  It’s so old, the stitch diagrams are hand-drawn.  But there are no drawings of the hardanger stitches, lol.  The directions say to consult Janice Love’s Hardanger books.  Too funny.  I made a counting error in one of the corner borders, frogged it out, and decided the mood had passed.  I’ve put it in the bottom of my stitching basket for now. 


The kit gives you Kreinik Silk Serica for the satin stitches.  I’ve always known my needle was fiddly and twisty when I stitch, but I can see just how it fiddles and twists when I look at the orange stitches.  I started intentionally twisting the floss when I started the ‘grass’ diamond stitches to pretend like the floss was plied, but I didn’t like the way it looked, and quit it.  I originally tried separating the Serica plies, but that was a big mistake.  It’s supposed to be three plies.  Bwahahahaha!  It is to laugh.  That stuff wanted to be about 50 ply.  But fluffy?  Oh, so fluffy and soft when plied.  Impossible to work with, but wonderful soft. :o)

“Joke’s on me” story about this kit: I meant to buy this kit, but I picked up Pumpkin House, and I didn’t realize my mistake for awhile.   Then I went back to get the “right” kit, but they were out, which explains the mistake.  I like this cute pumpkin, so it’s OK.  Just funny how I ended up with it.

 And the GOOD NEWS–my LNS just called to tell me Le Printemps is ready to pick up!  Yippee!  I would save this post and jump straight in the car, but it’s a half day at school, so I’m waiting for the boy to get home from school first.  What a wonderful Halloween treat!  Who needs chocolate?  Oh, wait.  Did I go too far? ;o)


One thought on “Happy Halloween

  1. That’s a neat pattern Terri! I’ve never seen it before. It’s neat to dig out old projects because it goes to show just how much you have learned since then 🙂

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