OK, so that didn’t work

Turns out, paper drapes like fabric (sorry, no photo).   So I didn’t get the desired effect with the 8″ wire.   I so wanted it to be true that the Circle would extend beyond the 8″ diameter, just because its diameter is bigger than 8 inches.  This mobile will have 3 wire circles instead of one, or two.  I’m in the middle of ‘fixing’ it today.  ROTFL  I said, “Fixing it.”  It’s the best I can do with the skills I have.  It’s fixing as I know how to do it.  I have to accept it.

Of course, the husband had an idea (that had occurred to me, too).  What the Circle of Eight needs is armature wire underneath it to hold its shape.  You might be thinking, “Easy Peasy.”  I’ve never worked with wire before.  I am not so optimistic.  Or am I?  Right this second, I want to run out and buy some.  What happened to last night’s “I have to accept that this is the best I can do with the skills I have right now? ”  Aaaugh! 


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