For a spur-of-the-moment trip, Hershey and CATS was fun!  It’s a shame it was their last show. 😦

I got to see stitched models of a few Cat’s Whiskers designs.  Some of them are bigger than I expected, especially the Peacock Stitching Chair and Feed My Soul Stitches. The Peacock Stitching Chair was especially surprising.  I’ve seen completed projects here and there online, and never got a sense of its size.

At the Silver Needle booth, I saw a beautiful WIP of Threads of Gold’s 1724 MH Sampler, which made me wish I was done with all of my WIPs so’s I could start it!

At the Sweetheart Tree booth, Dave Vanosdall told me they’re starting a biscornu series in January. WooHoo!  He showed me notes on one design of kitties, with notes about adding paws to them–for the bottom piece of the biscornu?  Can’t exactly remember.  And she’s on the lookout for a mousie button!  They’re going to be sooo cute, I just know it.

At the Brit Stitch booth, I got Michael Powell’s Fairy Castle kit for $45.  Considering it’s not on their site, and it’s listed for $56 at Rose Cottage Needle Arts (whose booth I didn’t manage to visit–too crowded)  it’s $54 at ABC Stitch Therapy and $74 at Stitching Bits and Bobs, I think I got quite a deal.  Score!  I have wanted this kit for a long time.  I don’t like it as much as his Pots of Love, but then, I don’t like a lot of things as much as that.

I spent too much money at Chocolate World, and I don’t care. 😛


One thought on “CATS

  1. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! That must have been SO fun! I’m glad you went 🙂

    The 1724 Sampler is gorgeous! I don’t remember seeing that one. I would enjoy stitching that as well.

    PLEASE don’t even tell me what chocolate items you bought 😦

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