So, I’m sittin’ here, listening to the hamsters squabble.  Finally, I have to see what all the ruckus is about, b/c they are squeaking up a blue streak.  They got the peanut shell open and were fighting over the peanut.  The nut was split, and the lucky winners weren’t sharing their booty for anything!  I apologize for the blurry pictures.  Hamsters don’t pose for pictures.  If there’s a setting for photographing squirmy rodents, I don’t know it.


I know there’s something good in here!


YUM!  I knew it was going to be worth it.


They are so protective of their treasure, they won’t let me see it!


I got a picture, anyway. 😀


I broke the top off the peanut for the loser.  It didn’t take long to crack this peanut! 😉

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