More paper?

Yes. 🙂

The mobile is actually finished (Cathey, you knew I could).  But, I had problems with assembling it, and it took me way too long to realize that glue can be my friend.  So, it’s lopsided.  It is currently weighted down with an AA battery to balance it.  I decided to re-string it next week.  It’s too important to me to accept ‘good enough,’ or ‘at least I tried.’  It has to be just right.  It has to be the best I can do.  M deserves that.  So do I.  In the meantime, here is more paper:


You can probably figure out what it’s for…


If not, all will be revealed next week.  Tonight, we’re going on an impromptu trip to PA.  We’ll zip through Pittsburgh and pick up the step-daughter, and it’s off to Hershey.  The husband wanted to get outta town this weekend, and I realized the CATS festival is this weekend.  I made a half-hearted suggestion, and well, we’re goin’.  It’s a long drive for a basically overnight trip, but that’s how we are.  The step-daughter and the boy will visit the Hersheypark, I’ll stay at the Hershey Lodge for the festival (no classes, just shopping and drooling), and the husband will go for a bike ride.  Then, home again, home again on Sunday. 

Have a good weekend!  I know I will. 😉


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