Queen of procrastination

I stitched this piece in 2000.  It was my first attempt at hardanger, and I was proud of my work.  I lost the locket that came with the kit.  After a lot of searching, I found a close-enough replacement.  I had to use a cream paint called Treasure Gold by Plaid to get it to be gold, and not silver.  Then it took me for forever to get the picture into the frame and the frame stitched onto the sampler.  First, I didn’t have a scanner, and I wasn’t quite sure about going to a photographer for a teeny print.  Then I thought it would be hard for me to get the photo the right size.  It was.  It took me a long time, like I thought it would.  It wasn’t as terrible a thing to do as I anticipated (is it ever???).  I’m not happy with my printer’s photo printing, but it’s a tiny picture, so it’s passable. 

I hung it up in the kitchen.  Wonder how long it will take the men to notice it?

jd birth sampler 9.07

Kit by Lorri Birmingham.  Stitched using supplied banding and fibers.  Only the frame has been replaced.  After I finished stitching the kit, I discovered I had the chart in one of the Treasures in Needlework magazines I own.  I don’t know offhand which one.


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