Mobile construction begins

After the cranes were folded, I fiddled around with the beads I wanted to include in the mobile.  Some of the beads I used were from the first mobile I attempted to put together.  Some are new.  I could have continued to fiddle and browse at bead and craft stores forever.  At some point you have to say, “No more,” and decide.  Every time I had a new inspiration for the beads, I’d head to the store.  Well, I’m sure you know you can get lost browsing beads.  I came home more than once with a few beads that I thought would be fantastic, only to discover I was wrong.  *sigh*

The final decisions.  I used the Murano glass hearts on the bottom combinations in the first mobile.  Unfortunately, when it broke, some of the original beads were lost, including the smaller heart.  I searched for a replacement high and low.  I found a tolerable replacement, but I really wasn’t happy with it.  I don’t know why I didn’t look online.  Then, last week, after visiting the Rocking Horse for no particular reason, I went to a bead store in Farmington, and Eureka!  It was my lucky day. 🙂

Most of the beads were chosen b/c I liked them.  Some of them have particular significance, though.  For instance, the surfer in the bottom center.  M loved the beach so very much.  The stone star above it was b/c she loved stones.  Tiger Eye was among her favorites, but I didn’t think it would work here.  Turqoise stones always remind me of her.  The star and rectangular cube aren’t turqoise stones, but they serve my purposes.  I loves stars.

Bead combination for the Circle of Eight.  The shells are for M’s love of the beach and ocean, and the ladybugs are b/c when she died, she had often mentioned her daughter’s love of ladybugs.  I wish I’d used a darker blue bead on the top instead of the light blue crystal.  I decided it was time to put the thing together and stop going out looking for more. 


I staggered the 24 single cranes underneath the Circle of Eight.  I was going to fill the empty space below the low-hanging strands with beads, but decided on wishing star ‘beads’ instead.  I’ve written something in each of them, b/c it seemed wrong to leave them blank.  The comments are a reflection of what was on my iPod when I wrote inside them. 😀

The final combination for the single 24.

The center cranes strung together.

The single 24 after the Circle of Eight’s beads were strung. 

The Circle of Eight.

I think I’m going to use an acrylic sealant for the mobile.  I’ll be experimenting with Krylon’s Matte Finish.  If I like it, I’m using it.  After all that fretting about the Nori Paste!  Oh, well.  That’s what happens when you make up something as you go along.


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