Saotome and Kakitsubata

Saotome begins:

Or, Girl Planting Rice.  I call it M supports T supports M.  It represents the times she supported me, and the times I supported her.  There are two identical models.  Sometimes you can’t really tell who’s supporting who.  Or whom.  Whomever.  Whoever.  Whatever.

The paper I used.

Midway in folding. The smaller crane is two squares folded together.

The first model completed.

The second, and first, models.

Kakitsubata begins:

Or, the Iris Flower.  I call it Marianne holds Teddi (her daughter).

The paper.  Pretty butterflies!

A close-up of the mama crane holding the baby crane by the back.

Kakitsubata complete.

These six cranes will form the center of the crane.  They will be surrounded by Yatsuhashi and 24 other cranes–32 in a circle.

Yatsuhashi paper and paper for the single cranes.  Eight designs, three of each.  I don’t know why the thumbnail is fuzzy.  The 425-pixel picture is not.  Click for non-fuzziness if you please. 

Folding complete.  Now the hard part begins. 😉

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