Yatsuhashi, or Eight Bridges

On M’s birthday, I gave you a sneak peek of her memorial.  It’s still not finished, though I have made good progress.  I haven’t been stitching at all, just focusing all my creative energy and time on this project.  The sneak peek was the beginning and anchor of a crane mobile I’m making.  When finished, there will be 38 cranes, as that was M’s age when she died.   I got the directions for this “anchor” of eight cranes from Origami: Rokoan Style: The Art of Connecting Cranes.  Fascinating and beautiful stuff in there.  There are two volumes, both of which I own.  The first volume is my favorite.  In November, they’re due to be published in a single, paperback volume.  Groovy.


The paper selection.  Isn’t great?  I think it really captures M’s exuberance. 


The sneak peak, showing the other side of the paper after it had been scored (pre-folded) and had its notations.


Scored folds fully folded and waiting to be transformed.


I clipped each crane together to make it neater to finish the cranes.  I was terrified of having the circle rip.  Again.


A close-up of two cranes’ wings.  I ended up reinforcing all the connected wings with Nori paste.  Useless info: that link goes to the Nori paste page of Hollander’s, a paper shop in Ann Arbor, MI, where I bought the paste and the paper you see on this page.  If you like paper, it’s heavenly.  Excuse the digression.  Using the paste is so NOT an origami purist’s way of doing things.  And yet.  I’ve already had this project destroyed once.  I have a deep need for it to be stronger than it is.  Surely you understand?  This Nori paste is good stuff, Maynard.  For my needs.  :o)  Besides, I’m not a purist.  😀


Yatsuhashi, or Eight Bridges, complete.  Nine squares, eight cranes, one circle.  One of the cranes is made of two squares (upper right and lower left, to be exact), which is how the circle is formed.


The next part…


One thought on “Yatsuhashi, or Eight Bridges

  1. I think what you are doing is very thoughtful. What a wonderful way to remember a good friend and to work through the grief of loosing her :o(

    I’m still completely perplexed though! I guess I will just have to wait and see how this comes together :o)

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