The Behinder I Get

Some of it’s from going hurrier, some of it’s Murphy’s Law, and some of it is the nuisances of life.  I did work on Desiderata this week.  I’ve taken pictures, too.  Just haven’t taken them off the camera.  Thank goodness for Desiderata.  It was the soothing balm of my week.

 Getting ready to repaint the boy’s bedroom.  I’m only making inches of progress here and there.  It was a disaster to begin with.  Anyway, doing something is better than doing nothing.  Right?

New Pinkies arrived on Sunday!  We could tell Sparky was going to give birth soon, and the boy and I decided Saturday night that we would separate them on Sunday, instead of waiting for their 3-week birthday, which was Tuesday.  Dwarf Hamsters have a gestation period of 18-25 days, so if Sparky (aka “Fertile Myrtle”) didn’t get pg on the day she gave birth, it was very close afterwards.  We unintentionally separated the babies and Ridley (aka “Potent Pete”) while Sparky was in labor.  There were 2 pinkies!  We separated the boys.  We ended up putting a female in the male cage.  Oopsie!  They aren’t supposed to be sexually mature until 4 wks.  I think we’ve got them accurately sexed now, so hopefully, no more pinkies.  Later, we thought we saw 4 pinkies.  We’re down to three now.  The boy prefers to think we miscounted the 4 originally.  I’d like to think so, too.  Maybe one of them was just not going to make it.  Sparky is a really good mother, over all.  *shrug*  I can’t speculate.  We have 3 pinkies right now.  I think that will be the final count.  I’ve read that once a dwarf has a second litter, she kicks the previous litter out of her nest.  I don’t expect she’s still nursing the females we left in the cage with her, but they all sleep together in Sparky’s hut, happy as clams.

We’ve named one of the babies from the first litter: Edmund.  This boy can climb like mad.  When we separated him from his mother, he went nuts, climbing in ways I wouldn’t have guessed he was able.  So, we named him after Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb Mt. Everest.  He would have climbed to the top of the cage if he was bigger.  He’s not long enough to do it yet.  The husband joked that once he makes it to the top, he’ll swing across the top of the cage, and we’ll have to rename him George (of the Jungle).  😀 

I’ve been working on a non-stitchy project that I hoped to finish by tomorrow.  Not going to happen, and I can only blame myself for not starting sooner.  I’m going to focus on it until it’s done, though.  It’s time to take it off the back burner, and get it done.

 No pics right now, and I’m sorry for that.  Pictures are one of my blog-reading joys.  I’ll have a Desiderata update post soon, complete with pics.

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