We managed to get a long enough look to take pics of the baby hamsters.  IMO, they’re creepy-looking.  They look like they have no business being in the big, wide, open world.  They’re bald, and blind and deaf.  And yet…when you see them in real life, when they’re moving, they are so precious.  Hamster babies are called pups, but apparently, when they’re new and undercooked, as it were, they’re referred to as “pinkies.”  Because they look like pinky toes?  Prolly.

Cyndi asked to see pictures.  Here they are, in no particular order, Jelly, Peanut, and Number 3:


I’ll be sure to post cute pictures once they have hair and eyes and ears and look like proper critters. 😀

2 thoughts on “Pinkies!

  1. SO cute! My hamster had babies but they all died. I think she had more because I hear tiny squeaks but I can’t see them because I think her nest is under a hamster house.

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