Dragonfly Pond

Know what?  It’s actually possible to overstuff a biscornu.  I like my biscornus plump and full.  I went a little overboard with this one, and had a helluva time getting the center stitched.  I couldn’t pull it as tightly as I like to; it was stuffed too full.  This guy caused me tons of trouble.  I don’t love it any less.  I still love it bunches.  I’m glad to have it out of my hair, too.

What I’ve learned: 
OK, number 1: Don’t cut too close to the edge of the design before finishing! 
Number 2: Use my curved needle when stitching the pieces together.  It’s easier.  Don’t forget next time. *sigh* *shaking head*
Number 3: Stuff full, but don’t overstuff.  I will be sad.
Number 4: If embellishing with beads, use them when stitching the pieces together, not after.  That way they for certain won’t be uneven, which I hate.  Not so much that I can’t let things be. 🙂
Number 5: If you’re moved to name your biscornu, let everyone know: Yeah, “Dragonfly Pond!” How’d ya guess?

The Vitals:
Design: Dragonfly by Elizabeth’s Designs
Fabric: random green scrap of 32-ct linen, stitched 2 over 2
Floss: as charted, except for DMC 945, which was substituted for 948 *shrug* Close enough.  And I stitched the leaves symmetrically, rather than sequentially, b/c that’s the kind of hairpin I am. 😉
Monogram by Linda P Reeves of La Broderie, like I always do.

Now for the best part:  Plenty-lots-of pictures! 😀

dragonfly pond stitching 08.07

Re-stitching complete.

dragonfly pond biscornu  top 08.07

The top, with the included dragonfly charm.  The cool thing about this charm is that it has legs underneath.  I love it.

dragonfly pond biscornu side 08.07

The side, with added baby dragonflies, afluttering about the “pond.”

dragonfly pond biscornu bottom 08.07

The bottom.


6 thoughts on “Dragonfly Pond

  1. Ohhhhh!!!! This turned out just fabulous! I can not WAIT to stitch mine up, I bought that Elizabeth’s Designs pattern, just because out you! I love the way you used the dragonflies on every other point. I can only hope mine turns out even a tenth as lovely as yours.

  2. Oh Terri, that is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I know you were so disappointed with your first one so I’m very happy to see this one go together right to the end :o) You should be proud!

  3. I am so glad you re-attempted this, it is just gorgeous!! Sorry I haven’t been around in a while, my old laptop got crushed, along with all my links!
    Excellent job on this biscournu!

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