It’s the plumber, I’ve come to fix the sump pump.

bad news: our sump pump broke, and our basement flooded.  Phone rings, it’s my dad: Why do you have a sump pump, I thought you had a sewer? Me: I don’t know.  Dad: Don’t you have a sewer?  Me: Yes.  Dad: Why do you have a sump pump?  Me: I don’t know.  Dad: I’ll hang up, so I don’t ask any more stupid questions. Me: They aren’t stupid questions, I don’t know the answer, and my basement is flooded!  I don’t want to be cheerful to you.  Husband: All houses with basements have sump pumps for the drainage water.  Plumber: Not all houses, just the newer ones (like less than 25-30 years old).  That would be our house (OK, it’s a condominium).    Why would a sump pump break after FOUR years?  I’m so annoyed.  My friend had to get a new A/C this year, and she’s all “Your house is new, you don’t have these problems.”  In a nice way, really.  It sounds snotty when I read it, but it wasn’t.  Still, I blame her for cursing us.  I’m JUST KIDDING!! sort of. 😉

good news: the husband was home and knew what to do.  Plus, the boy was downstairs and told us the basement was flooding.  I never go down there.  If I’d been alone, it could have been so much worse.  While we waited for the plumber, the boy and I bailed water, and the husband bought a new sump pump.  We started draining it in the tub.  Then the husband got a second pump.  We drained that into the front yard. 

bad news: no Desiderata stitching, boo hoo.

good news: I did work on my replacement Dragonfly biscornu a tiny bit.  Not finished yet, but close.

bad news: our basement is finished and the wet carpet smells icky.

good news: the, um, new shop vac got up most of the water, and the husband also bought a blower in addition to blowing our fans.  Most of the carpet is drying nicely.

bad news: we forgot to check the cupboard under the stairs.

good news: I spent the winter organizing my holiday decorations into plastic bins.  And they were elevated, so they’re safe.

bad news: I had our mementos in cardboard boxes on the floor.  I haven’t really looked into the boxes with my son’s things in it yet.  I’m ascared.  Plus, I hit another snag before I could look.

good news: aside from a few soggy papers, most of the very few precious things from the husband’s and my past that were under the stairs are safe (and now in a plastic tub).  Honestly, I think I could get rid of some of my stuff, even now.  I mean, really.  Do I need to keep dealer’s aprons from the first casinos I worked in?  Do I?  And honestly, I don’t know why the husband has half the stuff he has. 

bad news/good news: most of the cardboard boxes were saved financial papers.  Super good news: the destroyed boxes were up to 15 years old.  Why did I still have them?  Because I wanted to shred them before I got rid of them, and I was too lazy to make an hour of it.  They weren’t hurting anything, ya know?  It was easy to be lazy.

bad news: my paper shredder died.  Right in the center, the blades are bent, and don’t cut.  The shredder got clogged and overheated.  It took me an hour to clear out the paper to the point where I could diagnose the problem.  So now, I have nine years of paperwork waiting to be shredded until I get a new shredder. 

GOOD NEWS: It could have been SO much worse.  As miserable disasters go, we got off easy.  Plus, we closed on our home refinancing after the disaster was under control, so no more ARM! 

AND: our new dwarf hamsters became parents today!  We think there are 3 of them, but they’re under wraps pretty good.  I’m a grandmother!


3 thoughts on “It’s the plumber, I’ve come to fix the sump pump.

  1. Oh my goodness. What a mess. And at the same time my friend Jan had a “slab leak” that flooded the first floor of their 2-story house. Weird timing. Your attitude about this is amazing. Hang in there, grandma! Show us pics of the hamsters!

  2. Terri,
    Haven’t been to visit in a while and what do I find?? Oh NO!!! You have a great sense of humor and I love the way you wrote this, you had me laughing, even though, I am sure you weren’t laughing thru ANY of this! Darn the shredder, darn the sump pump, but a few good things came out of this and you will feel better organized when it is all over! When you find the answer to WHY we hang onto WHAT we hang onto, clue me in!!! It is all just so sentimental…

  3. Oh my goodness Terri! I would hate to see our basement full of water too even though it’s only a crawl space. Yuck! I’m glad there was some good news in all of this :o)

    See, I’m catching up now! LOL!

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