Desiderata Monday, pt. 17

OK, it was Desiderata Monday and Tuesday.   I worked on it an extra day, b/c I wanted to finish Page 2.  Which I did.  yay!  Page 2:


Y’know, when you work on repetitive patterns, they take on a personality/life of their own.  Fer instance, in the model pic, and from a “new” standpoint, I suppose the bottom row looks “flowery,” or lacy.  Kind of like the green intertwined cross-stitches next to the last verse resemble vines.  After working on the row for awhile, though, I started feeling like I was alternating between stitching a candleabra, or water fountain and an ancient Mayan face (or maybe a bat? a bunny?).  Have a peek, and see if you see it, too:   




Mayan face. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Desiderata Monday, pt. 17

  1. Whoa! You’ve done a lot since your last post Terri! It’s looking so good.

    Okay, I see the candleabra but I think the second picture looks like a cat :o)

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