Desiderata Monday, pt. 15

Yesterday wasn’t a good stitching day.  These things happen.  I was so tired at the end of the stitchy session, I forgot to stitch an eyelet, and didn’t notice until I had moved onto the next, um, ‘flower.’  I would’ve just called it a motif, but it’s not my design. ;o)  I never noticed I’d forgotten the eyelet.  Even though it’s a repetitive row, it didn’t seem odd to me to begin a length of floss with the four-sided stitches instead of the eyelet.  Definite sign to stop stitching. 😀



3 thoughts on “Desiderata Monday, pt. 15

  1. Terri, it is looking fantastic. Those stitches at the bottom are just beautiful! I appreciate the close-up of the specialty stitches in a prior post, such beautiful work and beautiful colors! Doesn’t it feel different than the wizard?

  2. Where’s the mistake???? You’ve gotten a lot done on this. We all have our bad days. Just put it aside and come back to it when you feel you’re ready.

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