Dragon flight

Now the dragon can fly!  I had made a completely unrealistic goal to meet by the boy’s birthday (7/22).  When I realized the original goal wouldn’t be met, I modified it to just finishing the dragon wing stitching.  I stayed up late last night to finish the wing on the right.  It’s easy to make excuses to stay up late stitching. 🙂

Here’s a reminder of the last wip update:


One thought on “Dragon flight

  1. Terri, Bully for you plugging away at this. That stitching on black has to be difficult and it is such a large project! Not that Desiderata is not large, it just seems more manageable, doesn’t it? The dragon is fantastic and I think the boy will greatly appreciate it! If not for his Birthday, then shortly after?? LOL Enjoy the stitching!

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