Desiderata Monday, pts. 10 & 11

I finally managed to finish Band 5 yesterday.   I stitched on it the last week of May, but I didn’t get far at all:


I had frogged this row twice already.  The first time I stitched it, I stitched the entire row of flowers, and half of the leaves before I realized my mistake.  I didn’t get that far the second time, but I got too far for my liking.  I tried to force myself back into my routine.  The picture above shows the result.  I was so sick of those flowers.  I was afraid I had made the same counting error yet again.  I couldn’t bring myself to stitch it.  It sat on my scroll frame, silently mocking me.  We were not on speaking terms.

In spite of my disastrous biscornu, it did get me stitching again.  I forced myself to finish the band last night.  It’s a pretty row.  Delicate, with lacy, viny leaves.  Getting through it was so much harder than it should have been.  I had tails tucked to closely that came out.  In the text line above, too.  I had to frog.  Restitch.  But now, it’s behind me.  >sigh of relief< 

Here’s my current progress:



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