“Dragonfly” by Elizabeth’s Designs.  It was to be a biscornu.  Do I have the will to restitch it?  I was taken with the design from the start.  I used DMC 945 instead of 948, I think (or vice versa).  It lighter, and I thought it gave it a dreamier quality.  The overdyed floss included with the chart is Needle Necessities Camouflage, and reminds me of  a pond, which I love.  The scrap linen I chose is sheer, so I ‘lined’ it with a sky-colored linen.  It all came together so nicely.  I was loving it.  Then I ran into my biggest pitfall: I tend to cut too small a seam allowance.  Four threads on 32-ct linen is 1/4″, right?  Wrong.  It’s 1/8″.  I am embarrassed to report that math was once my best subject.  The “C” I got on an arithmetic test in 7th grade haunts me in moments like this.  Haunts me, b/c when I turned in the test, I thought I aced it.  And.  I didn’t.  *head thud*

 **WHINE** Do you know how long I’ve wanted to find time to stitch this??  Since March, when I bought it at Teatime Stitchery, which I got to visit during the step-daughter one’s university interview (she got in, yay!).  I’d been itching to stitch another biscornu for a long time.  I decided to follow my creative urges, and I stitched it. 


It was going to be lovely, yes?  The chart comes with a dragonfly charm for center placement.  I had some beads that had iridescent qualities.  I was worried they might be too dark, but I was going to try them.  Plus, I had four smaller dragonflies for four of the “corners” on the biscornu.  I knew I was in danger; I knew I’d cut the fabric close.  But I wanted it!  I was going to try.  And after it was obvious it wouldn’t work?  What did I do then? 


I kept stitching, of course, stubbornly clinging to the delusion that Fray Check and some seed beads would hide my carelessness.  My pipe dream was rewarded thus:


Another split!  Oh, Lucky Day!  It was about this time I realized my faulty calculations.  I’m sad. 

 I do this a lot.  Screw up badly with my stitching, I mean.  Earlier this year, there was Murphy’s Irish Coffee.  Then there was Desiderata Monday, pt. 9, a counting error that brought my Desiderata progress to a screeching halt.  I’m happy to report I’m re-focused on Desiderata.  I just have to make it past the current row that’s nagging me, and hopefully, I’ll be back in the swing of it.

 What IS it that keeps me stitching in the face of such frustrating blunders?

It must be love.


6 thoughts on “**Whimper**

  1. Aw, Terri, my heart was just breaking with you while I read along! I would have done the very same thing…desperately cling to the hope that everything would turn out fine. It is SUCH a beautiful design stitched up and those colors work perfectly together. Do you have enough thread to do it over? Well…on a bigger piece of linen of course! LOL
    I think you would be happy in the long run, if you did. Just my 2 cents!

  2. Desiderata is worth the effort! I am glad you overcame your frustration with those frogging parties, and plowed ahead, it is SOOOO gorgeous. I love those flowers and you must have exhaled a large sigh of relief after completing them.

  3. What a shame! It’s a perfect design for a biscornu – I hope you give it another go. If it’s any consolation, I make more errors than I care to admit, usually through inattention, tiredness or just plain carelessness and more than once I’ve declared that I’m giving up stitching altogether LOL!

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  5. Terri, What a shame, such a lovely design. I think you should do it over and finish it off and your first attempt will be forgotten.

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