Santa Claus is Coming to Town

On Yahoo’s Bent Creek Group, we had a mid-year ornament exchange.  We were under strict orders not to peek until today, June 25.  Not all of us were able to refrain from peeking.  I was on vacation, so I had my temptation removed. ;o)  I was excited, though.  I went to the Post Office to get my mail this morining, eager to see my ornie.  No mail.  😦  Wha?  I thought I said I’d pick up my mail on the Hold Request.  Now I had to wait until after 4pm for mail delivery.  Boo.  Hoo!  No fair!  I came back from vacation with a cold and a scratchy voice.  I wanted a surprise! >insert pouty tantrum here<

Finally, at about 5pm, the mail truck arrived.  There was my vacation mail, all bundled up with my Hold Request stating that I wanted to pick up my mail.  OK, I haven’t completely lost my mind. 😀  I pawed through the pile of catalogs and bills looking for my package.  My secret exchange partner, Melita, had even added a note to the envelope reminding me not to open until June 25! 

Here is my lovely Santa: >clap, clap<

Santa from Melita 06.07  Santa back 06.07
My secret partner hasn’t posted about receiving her ornie from me yet.  I’ll have to wait to share my stitching.

One thought on “Santa Claus is Coming to Town

  1. I know what it’s like waiting for the mailman. I wonder if they know how many of us actually stalk them ;o) Melita did a lovely job with the Santa.

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