Motif Love

I got this wonderful French book in the mail this week.  It’s chock-full of wonderful motifs.  Some are borders, some are corners, some are floral, some are animals.  Over half are ideal for biscornus. *SIGH*  I’ve been drooling over the designs for a couple of days.  I hemmed and hawed about buying it.  At $44, it was a steep price point.  Now I’ve got it, though, I’m simply thrilled.  There are so many appealing and charming motifs.  I wish I had ideas and time for all of them.


2 thoughts on “Motif Love

  1. I have been wondering how great these are too! The price IS steep, but there are many books by her that look intriguing to me! Does this mean you will kick out biscornus left and right? I agree, these motifs are great! ENJOY!!!

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