I have errands to run, chores to finish.  Since I’m procrastinating, I thought I’d share some pics.

wedding gift framed 4.07

The Wedding Gift, designed by Bob and Michelle Edmonds of Great Bear Canada. Heart portion of design stitched in Needle Necessities #153. Two over two on 28-ct. Evergreen linen. The fabric was not lovely. Alphabet my own.  Stitched for my brother. 

Peace finished 05.07

Peace by BOAF.  I didn’t care for the dyelot of mulberry I got, so I tweeded it with lancaster red for the house and most of the other areas charted for mulberry.  The capital P is only lancaster red.  The path from the fence is Crescent Colours Cottage Lane (so appropriate).  I filled in the ‘missing’ stitches that were charted.  I just couldn’t leave them blank.  I couldn’t.  It’s not my best stitching, and I’m disappointed about that.  I’m not feeling perfectionist-y enough to redo it, though.  The fabric is called Autumn Blush, IIRC.  It’s back from the framer already, but those pics are blurry.  I’ll have to share the framing after I’ve done what I’m not doing right now. 😉


3 thoughts on “Procrastinating

  1. Two beautiful pieces Terri. I have no idea why you want to do the second one over again! If you don’t want the first one, just send it to me ;o)

  2. The wedding gift is awesome. The linen and thread compliment each other so well and the frame is the perfect “wedding” touch!

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