Return of the Mojo

I hope.  I just finished an ornament for an exchange, and I feel the mojo coming back.  I’m not quite sure what happened, I guess too much happening in the Real World all at once.  Oh, yeah, and I got an iPod for Mother’s Day, and was totally focused on importing CDs and all that.  Do you listen to audiobooks?  Listening to audiobooks without having to change CDs is fantastic.  And podcasts!  Don’t get me started on podcasts!  I can listen to Fresh Air or Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me during my son’s karate lessons!  It’s my new favorite toy.  

I fell behind my self-imposed stitchy schedule, and didn’t know what to do first to catch up.   Fortunately, this exchange forced me to stitch something.   Can’t show a picture of the ornament until June 25.  Now the nervous “I hope she likes it” begins.  I was glad to be lost in the joy of stitching.  You know?

We’re going to Disneyworld on 6/16!  We’ll be staying at the resort and have a wonderful trip planned.  When we went for the first time in ’04, we learned of their packages that included park hopping and dining.  It was so worth it, just for the dining.  To get to Disneyworld and not have to worry about the added expense of meals (not cheap at Disney, as I’m sure you can imagine) was relaxing.  And, oddly, economical.  The last time we went, they were testing their Extra Magic Hours program, which is now a standard benefit for resort guests.  Lucky for us we’re night owls. 😀  Yeah, they have early hours, too, but it’s not like we would ever make those. Our trip in ’04 was one of the best vacations we’ve had.  I’m so excited to be going back.  Maybe I won’t get much stitching done, but it won’t be because I lost my Mojo!

One thought on “Return of the Mojo

  1. I think a lot of us are experiencing that right now. Glad to hear you are coming out of it and I can’t wait to see the ornament and find out who it’s for :o)

    Disney! Oh lucky you! Do you want to take me? I’ve never been there :o(

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